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OTP challenge - Day 8: Shopping

My mom’s visiting for the next few days so I can’t draw that much, probably :’D At least not today °xD

My headcanon for those two has always been that Makoto is gonna study in Tokyo (so I’m confused that half of the fandom seemed surprised when he said that??? I’ve always thought he would. Probably because of all the fanfiction XD). Haruka decides to do the same (or at an university in a city close by? Or being a trainee at some shop? I have no idea :’D), and so they live together in Tokyo~

Once in a while they go shopping for things to eat and it always ends like this x’D

"I wanna have mackerel for dinner."

"But we’ve had mackerel for the last 3 days! Let’s eat something else!”


"But, Haruuu!"

Haru’s a lost cause. 0w0’

The rest of the OTP challenge.

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